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Panagiotis Peidis_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Panayiotis Peidis 

{Guitar Instructor (Classical, Acoustic, Electric)} 

Was born in Tashkent and lived most of his adult life in Greece. He began his studies in classical guitar and music theory in Nakas Music School (Veria branch), with Kostas Bravakis as his tutor. He obtained his classical guitar degree with Christos Vernandos as his tutor and then his soloist guitar professional diploma his Thanos Mitsalas as his tutor. Throughout the course of his career he attended countless seminars concerning classical, acoustic and electric guitar, he was the lead guitarist in various rock, pop and funk bands and he performed with famous Greek artists like Mimis Plessas and Vasilis Lekkas. At the moment, he continues his long successful teaching career. 

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