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  • Our music school in Limassol provides a well-rounded music education that equips  students with an in-depth approach in their chosen music path, covering everything directly or indirectly related with their choice.  

  • Music lessons taught ONLY by specialists in their respective fields with years of experience. Lessons tailored to your needs and abilities.

  • We cater to every age and ability.  We offer a free consultation and a free lesson for every candidate before his/her music path it’s chosen, so we can honor the uniqueness of every individual, maximizing their learning curve.

  • Facilities well equipped with everything needed to make your music classes efficient, comfortable and fun!

  • Group lessons are based on a combination of the Suzuki approach with the Orff approach. 

  • Private lessons are for an in-depth study of the chosen music path. Particularly suitable for students who require qualifications, students who will follow a music career or are advanced in their studies.

  • Preparation for exams (Trinity, ABRSM, UWL) that earn you valuable UCAS points for entry into British Universities. Preparation for auditions and competitions. 

  • Regular concerts, shows and performance opportunities. Regular stage exposure to build more confident and passionate performers.

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 Irene Christoforidou

Daniela Kamenou Peteli

Message from our Directors

‘A google search can tell you the educational, developmental and psychological benefits music and movement has on people in general and children in particular. Instead, we will focus on what our collective 20 years of  teaching experience has showed us.

  • Unbelievable in depth knowledge that surprised even us (their teacher).

  • Imagination. Artistic suggestions way beyond their years.

  • A mind that can handle problem solving better than most adults.

  • An inspiring discipline soldiers would envy.

  • Trust. In their accompanist, their teacher, their dance partner, who became their supportive circle of friends.

  • Respect. One another, their craft, their individuality.

  • Getting smarter every day. (Not necessarily an advantage for their teachers!)

  • Confidence. A total transformation beneath our eyes.

  • The look of satisfaction in their eyes after a rewarding lesson and a mouth-gaping show.

  • How every single child is unique and talented in their own way and the sneaky way music brings that out.

  • How privileged we are to be their teachers.

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