Little Mozarts!
Ages 3 - 7


Music for preschoolers


Sing ED play


Piano Lessons
WUNDERKEYS for preschoolers

Music classes for preschoolers, based on the Orff approach, which uses music, movement, drama and speech to engage children.
Lessons aim to introduce children to the fundamentals of music (rhythm, melody, singing, moving to music, etc.) and familiarize themselves with musical instruments. Through the course children will not only learn various musical elements, but will also develop a variety of educational and social skills. 

A classroom orchestra (ages 5-7) that combines singing, a variety of percussion (e.g. boomwhakers) and string instruments (e.g. ukulele). An educational and fun group lesson where children learn the fundamentals of music and instrument playing, preparing them for their own music pathway.

WUNDERKEYS is a ground breaking piano method addressed to children of preschool age. It offers children the opportunity to meet and explore the piano. Through piano lessons specifically designed for the particular age group, children learn more than basic knowledge of music in general and piano in particular, before even reading music notation.