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Instrumental Lessons
Perform it to the universe

Our instrumental department offers tailored made classes in a variety of instruments.


  • Exams and performance opportunities are offered. 

  • All ages and abilities welcomed.(ADULTS/CHILDREN)

  • Go ahead and press here to meet our specialists.

  • Please give us a call for a FREE consultation and a FREE lesson.  


Whether you want to learn simple chords so you can play your favourite songs or you want to become a concert pianist, a piano lesson could help! 

Piano Methods WUNDERKEYS
for Preschoolers

The WUNDERKEYS is a ground breaking piano method addressed to children of preschool age. It offers children the opportunity to meet and explore the piano. Through lessons specifically designed for the particular age group, children learn more than basic knowledge of music in general and piano in particular, before even reading music notation. AGES 3 - 7


Keyboard lessons are for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of music while going beyond classical music or for musicians who want to accompany themselves. (or for people who want to play around with cool buttons!)


Guitar (Classical/Acoustic/Electric)

​Guitar is offered as a private lesson (Classical, Acoustic, Electric) or as a group lesson (Classical). If you are not sure of the guitar lesson you prefer, please call to book a consultation with one of our specialists

Image by Alexandra Tran

Aloha! Strum your worries away with this beginner friendly instrument. Educational, fun and especially suitable for young kids or beginners who want to build up their musical self-esteem!

Drums& Percussion 

It has been said that the first beat we hear is our mother’s heart while we are still in her belly. So come on people, follow the beat of your heart! Drums, djembe, cajon, and many other percussion instruments at your feet! 

All ages and abilities welcome. (Talking to you my adult audience!). 

VIOLIN 2_edited.jpg

​Violin is offered as a private lesson, for pleasure or for exam preparation. Prepare for performing songs you never thought a violin can play and for awesome duets with our extremely qualified specialist.


​Come and learn some fantastic Greek melodies (OPA!) on these melodious instruments. Whether you want to accompany your singing or just enjoy the tune, these fantastic string instruments are here for you!


Saxophone is offered as a private lesson, for pleasure or for exam preparation. Under the instruction of our extremely qualified specialist, you will learn how to perform solo or duet songs with this unique and extraordinary musical instrument.


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